A rain gutter’s main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home. Too much water falling too close to your home can erode the soil around it, compromise the home’s foundation and wreak havoc if you have a basement.


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When downspouts function properly, they receive water from your gutters, carry it down the side of your home, then propel it into a rain barrel or away from your home. Gutters and downspouts work together very specifically to keep rain water from damaging your home’s siding, roof and foundation.

Hail, heavy rain and wind can damage your gutter system.  Let the professionals at Total Gutter inspect your system for any damage.



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Gutter leaf guards, screens, and filters can reduce problems with clogged, overflowing gutters and filter out debris. Raingutters should be kept free of leaves and other debris; otherwise, water will back up at the downspouts, filling them up.

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Our Promise to our Customers


Our caring attitude stems from our family business roots. Steve Kemper has been with the business since 1996, ensuring that all projects are completed with quality in mind. He works alongside caring individuals as installers head out to jobs throughout the week. Don’t be surprised to see Mr. Kemper examining a project as it nears completion. Every job is an extension of his family’s caring attitude.

Along with our material expertise is manufacturer certification. When we work with certain name brand  materials, we want to make sure they’re being applied to the structure as accurately as possible. Our staff works closely with top manufacturers to abide by their installation standards.


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